View relevant property & parcel information

MapScout automatically calculates acreage based on field boundaries. When you create your property by APN or with the parcel overlay, it will provide APN and property owner details from government databases.

Calculate Acreage

Sometimes you may need to quick estimate of acreage (e.g. to know how much gypsum to order for a field or to obtain a quote for an irrigation system). MapScout can help you calculate your property acreage quickly and easily. Use “Draw By Hand” as a handy acreage calculator by outlining the area you’re evaluating. The Farmable Acres displayed will give you an accurate estimate of the acreage you’re looking at.

View Field Information

Need to reference important information about your field? Select the field directly from the map or from the ‘Fields’ dropdown in the Map Legend to bring up key information in the Details panel.

If you’ve added the field by APN or selected by parcel boundary, some information will populate automatically. Otherwise, make sure to save the important field information you may need to reference later when you initially create the field or edit the details later.

Edit Field Details

After creating a field you can go back to add important details and update field information at any time.

Select the Field from the map or under the Fields dropdown in the Map Legend, then click the Edit button at the top. Each section has a label for the data point (we have popular ones like crop type or row spacing you can choose from, or you can write your own) stacked on top of another field where you can enter the value. Fill both in then click the + button to the right. You can use the up and down arrows to the left to reorder the list or the trash icon on the right to delete a row. Click ‘Done’ at the top to save your changes.