Creating Teams and Sharing Access With MapScout Suite

The ability to quickly share information within your organization and with approved third parties is critical to the success of your business. MapScout simplifies this process by allowing you to (1) create collaborative teams, (2) invite users to view your records/documents, and (3) edit/upload accurate and up-to-date forms. 

 Once you create your first Company you'll be assigned to the Administrator team with full access to the account and you can modify all Farm and Company data. You can create additional Teams and assign specific permissions to additional Users. Click your Company and Farm name above the map to the left and click Company Settings. Then click Teams and Add Team to create a new team. You'll see your list of farms at the bottom of your Team Details menu and for each Farm you can select whether team members can View, Edit or have no access. Once you set Team permissions, click Save (if you've already invited Users, you can select who you would like to add to your Team before saving). 

To add a User to your Company, click Company Settings then select Users. Click Invite User, enter their email address, assign them to a Team and click Submit. That User will receive an email invitation and will need to click Accept. They'll be directed to MapScout's login page to create their own profile and can access the Company account based on the permissions you granted to the Team they are assigned to.