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Organize + Access Customer Data By Location

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All-in-One Customer Portal + Management Tool

Features + Solutions

Montage Solar provides customer portal access for each of your solar clients. With unique logins, each solar customer can access their project contracts and documents at any time. They can track the progress of their solar project, communicate with sales and support team members, and view system performance with monitoring integrations. Customers can even access pertinent data by clicking locations on the map!


Montage Solar provides a multitude of features to support your internal team:

  • Minimize customer frustrations and "check-in calls" with improved communication.
  • Expedite client data collection from customer acquisition, to project management, to post-installation maintenance and monitoring.
  • Could Storage Integration

    Integrate with your OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. Connect client documents directly to the device or location they belong to.  

  • Collect + Store Customer Documents

    Allow customers to upload utility bills and other required documents needed for project submission, permitting and installation. Collect required documents more efficiently and provide immediate client access.

  • Share Important Project Documents

    Connect your client folders and share important documents with your customers (contracts, warranties, work orders, etc.). You can also share folders with vendors to quickly send and receive project documents.

  • Integration With Solar Monitoring

    Connect and share customer access to solar monitoring systems.

  • Service Request + Work Order Management

    Submit, process and store your work orders and job completions for future access. 

Don't take our word for it, add your first solar customer today!

"The Montage customer portal was a great addition to our process. It is a great way to send and receive the documents we need for each project."