Creating maps with MapScout

With MapScout, you can create custom maps and easily access useful information about that property. Here, we’ll show you how to set up your  maps.

3 Ways to Draw Your Field

There are multiple options available to create accurate maps. You can draw field boundaries by hand utilizing satellite imagery, populate fields by APN and use a parcel overlay to select your properties.

Method 1: Draw by Hand

This method is ideal if you have a unique field shape or your field doesn't fill an entire parcel. To get started, click the first point on the map and continue to add more points as needed. To close the field, click on the first point you started with.

Select “Draw by Hand” and left-click on a corner of the field to start drawing. Click at each field corner to outline it or change direction and continue until the entire field is outlined.

Here's a quick video to show you how to create a field by hand.

Method 2: Enter by APN

This method is ideal if your property covers the entire parcel and you have the Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) handy. Select “Search by APN” and enter the APN along with the county and state where the field is located. The field will populate on the map based on the parcel boundaries.

This video quickly shows how to create a field by entering an APN.

Method 3: Select with Parcel Overlay

This method is ideal if your field covers the entire parcel, but you don't know your APN. Select “Find by Parcel Boundaries” to turn on the parcel overlay on the map showing all parcel boundaries. Then click on the parcel that represents your field to add it to your map.

Here's a quick run through about how to create a field by selecting it on a parcel overlay.

Customize Your Field

Adding Property Details

After you’ve added a property to your map, you can name it, choose a color and add important information for easy reference later. Click “Save” once you’ve finished adding field details.

Edit Property Boundaries & Color

To edit your property, click in the Map Legend and select the pencil icon to toggle edit mode. You can then select the field you’d like to edit from the list and change the field name, color and boundaries. To change the shape or size of the field, click and hold a point on the boundary and drag it to a new area on the map. You can repeat this step until the shape is correct and MapScout will automatically recalculate the acres based on the new property boundaries.