Connect your cloud storage accounts

MapScout integrates with the major cloud storage providers (Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive Business and Dropbox), so you can easily link all your digital files, records and data.

With cloud storage connection you can:

  • Connect to your existing cloud storage account(s) such as Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive.
  • Connect files and reports to specific fields, devices or markers on your ranch map to efficiently view, sort and organize your data.

Connect to Cloud Storage

When you integrate with your cloud storage account, you can connect reports with specific fields and markers (wells, solar, filter stations). With improved organization and easy access to field data from your crop map, you can quickly find and share information with your vendors and for reporting purposes.

  • Enjoy improved communication and organization with two-way communication with key partners (vendors, PCAs, bankers).
  • Connect reports to specific fields, devices and markers on your ranch map.

Check out our quick video to show you how to connect to your cloud storage account(s).