Use markers to view asset details

Use map markers to represent asset (wells, solar, field sensors, irrigation lines) locations. You can also view sensor information from the marker of that asset on your map through integrations with partners like Pumpsight.

Add a Marker to Your Map

Quickly and easily add markers for key assets on your map.

  • Leave a marker on the map to quickly access it later.
  • Connect reports and files to specific markers.

Here's a quick video to show you how to add a marker to your map.

Link Folders & View Files on Your Map

Once you’ve saved a marker, you can link relevant folders from your cloud storage accounts so you can view those files from the map marker just like with your Fields.

Select the marker (directly from the map or from the list of Markers in your Map Legend). Next, open the Files tab and click the ‘Link Folder’ button to select your cloud storage account and then select which folder to link to your marker (you can repeat these steps to add multiple folders). Now you can view and print the files in those folders when you left-click the marker on your map and select the Files tab!